Double Marker Test in Pregnancy | Normal Values

In pregnancy a Double Market Test is a pretty useful pregnancy screening test to determine the healthy development of the fetus and as such this test should not be ignored.

A double market test is a type of test that in mainly given to pregnant women to determine any chromosomal malformation in the fetus.

This test also plays a vital role in the detection of any kind of neurological conditions in the fetus┬ásuch as Down’s syndrome or Edwards syndrome.

Chromosomal abnormalities in fetus can result in serious developmental deformities and lead to various health problems in the child post birth.

But such abnormalities are extremely rare.

The Double Marker Test is especially given to pregnant women above 35 years of age.

Those who have a family history of birth defects and history insulin dependent type 1 diabetes.

Why is Double Market Test Important?

Double Marker test in Pregnancy

The Varied uses of the double marker tests are as follows.

  1. It helps in assessing whether the unborn baby is at risk for any mental disorder.
  2. It is used primarily for the detection of Down syndrome.
  3. Double Marker Test also helps to detect trisomy 18 that results in mental retardation and severe birth defects.
  4. It also helps in the detection of trisomy 21 T which cause mental disorders, heart disorders and other health conditions affecting vital organs.

Procedure of Double Marker Test

Double Marker Test Procedure

A double market test is done with an ultra sound test and is done with a blood sample.

The double marker test looks for two markers namely free beta HCG human chorionic gonadotropin and a PAPP (Pregnancy associated plasma protein A).

free beta HCG is it like a protein hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy.

Iit’s high level is indicative to a higher risk of trisomy 18 and Down’s syndrome.

PAPP a is a vital plasma protein a low level of plasma protein is indicative of the risk of Down syndrome.

The test readings are signified in terms of screen positive high risk and screen negative.

Double Marker Test Normal Values

The double marker test in pregnancy normal values of HCG in pregnant women is 25700 – 288000 mlU/ml for all age groups.

While the double marker test normal value for pap a is 1 MoM (multiple of median) for the female gender across all age groups.

NT Scan and Double Marker Test

NT scan is a ultrasound and double marker is a blood test.

The interpretation is done combining the two by a software which interprets the results in giving us the risk of the baby suffering from chromosomal defects.

The Down syndrome babies that is Trisomy 21 and NT scan and double marker is basically done to see the risk of your baby having this problem.

It is a dream of all pregnant women to have a baby who should be physically healthy and mentally the best.

Today’s woman wants her baby to have an IQ of 150 so no one would like to have a baby whose IQ is 70 60 or 50 like that which is very low.

uses of double marker test

These tests are basically done to scream for babies whether they are suffering from this problem or not..

Double Marker Test Time Period

Pregant woman has to go for this test in first three months of getting pregant. So it will be safe for child if double marker test will be done in between 11 and 14th week of pregnancy.

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