How to use Essential Oil Diffuser for Best Results?

As a nature lover, natural oils have great qualities to help us improve our life through soft, sweet and soothing  fragrances vested in them. These fragrances have a power to influence our nerves and whole body functioning when they are infused around us in their natural form in the form of micro-droplets or molecules.

Though, these can be used in different ways like direct application to our skin or diffused into the air around us.

Direct application of essential oils has certain drawbacks, including allergic skin reactions or irritations caused due to the intense nature of the ingredient present in them.

The most appropriate and easy and hazard free way is to use them through the diffusion process. Now what is diffusion and how we can make use of it is also an important thing you should know first hand.

Diffusion is a very popular method used for dispersing the essential oils into the atmosphere. Through this process the essential oil being used gets dispersed into the sir in the form of molecules, mist or fumes, depending upon the way we diffuse it.

There are a number of methods using which we can diffuse the scents into the air, each of the methods have certain advantages and disadvantages, but I’ll introduce them to you so that you may know what would be the best way to yield maximum benefits.

Following are ways of Diffusing Essential Oils

1. Diffusion of essential oils using a tissue paper

It is the most convenient and inexpensive way of diffusing essential oils. You can put a couple of drops on the tissue and can keep it close to yourself.

A lot of people use it in the car near the vent. You can refresh it by pouring one drop of the oil after every hour. There are some handmade and reusable artistic tissue type materials available for the same purpose.

But, they are not known for keeping the aroma for long and are not much effective either. Such a method can only be used when a short term remedy or any issue is required like breathing issues and blocked nose or congestion issue.

2. Fan Diffusers

Though its also a popular way to diffuse essential oil scents into the air, but it’s not very common. In this method the fans that are specially designed to disperse the aroma from the small pads that carry the essential oil drops in it.

These oils carrying pads are kept in front of the fan and when the fan turns on the essential oil gets diffused into the air in the form of small particles from the surface.

But it’s not a very effective and long lasting way to be used during aromatherapy, due to the fact that you will have to put in essential oil drops frequently to get a consistent supply of aroma otherwise it would fade away due to quick air flow over the pads.

3. Tea Light

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You can also use a tea-lite with a container to diffuse the oil in the form of vapor carrying the fragrance in it. A stone or a ceramic container is first filled with water and then heated with a tea-lite candle.

You can add about 5 to 10 drops of oil into the water. The steam is the driving force for dispersing the aromatic molecules into the air.

They are inexpensive and quite in performance. However, there is an issue with their fragility and there is also an ongoing cost for purchasing the replacement candles.

4. Nebulizing the Oils

Using a nebulizing procedure is also a common practice. This procedure gives a consistent mist using a mixture of essential oils and the water vapors.

They are known for covering a large area with the mist and disperse the essential oils quite evenly in all the directions. It is preferred for its characteristic of not altering the essential oil temperature. The molecules dispersed are very fine and they find their way very easily to reach the lungs of the user.

5. Candle

Using a candle is also a good idea for essential oil scent diffusion. It can be done by adding grape seed oil along with your desired fragrance and then rub it on the regular candle leaving the wick unaffected. After that you can light up the candle and enjoy the fragrance around you.

The major disadvantage here is that the essential oils are found to be highly inflammable and using it on direct fire can be dangerous.

Also, this method may not give you the actual benefits of the essential oils as it heats up the oils to get diffused into the air and it may alter the chemical composition of these oils. So if you are looking for diffusing essential oil without diffuser Candle is the best way.

6. Room Spray

If you want an instant refreshing touch in my bedroom or living room when come home tired. It gives me a chance to relax, like if sitting in a garden full of roses and fragrances.

Fill the bottle with water (distilled) and add about 5 drops of essential oil per ounce of water. It tends to work quickly because of the pressure dispersion through a spray bottle and  masks the odor in really quick time.

It has no ongoing cost other than the oil and it doesn’t require any battery, heat or electricity. But, you need to use the glass bottles instead of the plastic ones.

As, the plastic bottles over the long term are not viable as the material can be deteriorated with essential oils. And also the fragrance would not last for a long period of time and would fade away in a few hours. So this is the best way to use essential oils to scent a room.

7. Coated Pendant or necklace

There are different jewelry items like a necklace or pendant available in the market that has the ability to diffuse essential oils around you. Though I don’t prefer this method,due to the fact it is a short term gadget and may cause skin reactions when the accessories touch your skin.

This is quite simple strategy of diffusing just as the name suggests. You can have a pendant neck diffuser around your neck and just inhale the essential oil molecules which are dispersed quite closer to your nose.

But, the issue is that the essential oil needs to freshen up quite frequently as they lose their effectiveness quickly with time.

8. Reed Diffusers

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Reed diffusers are also very effective. This method only works when you are going to use essential oils that are less dense. Its because lighter oils can reach up the reeds quickly and can diffuse easily.

Vice versa if you need to use a viscous oil that is thick in its texture, then you may not get the desired results. The method requires a glass or ceramic container with a narrow opening in which you’ll need to put your essential oils recipe and reeds would be there to suck it and diffuse into the air at the other end.

But the effectiveness goes down with the passage of time when the reeds get saturated and lose the power to absorb and diffuse the liquid anymore.

9. Plug-in/ portable Diffusers

Plug in diffuser are also short lived in terms of their diffusing power. But this method to be very effective for small cabin, cars or for short term usage.

These diffusers use a very low amount of heat to diffuse the essential oils on the small pads present in the them. These can be run through car charging ports or just plugging them into the switch.”

10. Electric essential oil Diffusers

It’s the top most and a highly recommended method to be used for Aromatherapy. These gadgets use electric source to diffuse the essential oils into the air without breaking them up and altering the actual composition.

Using a an electric diffuser would make it sure that you will have  a consistent flow of aroma around you till the time you need it without any problems.

A diffuser diffuses the oils into the air on regular intervals and are more reliable as compared to other methods. You will be able to cover a large area, balanced aroma for a longer period of time.

These come along with a wide variety of added features like multicolored soothing lights, auto shut off functions etc.

These diffusers also come in various types and can be ultrasonic diffusers, humidifiers or some have both features in one product.

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The electric essential oil diffusers are the ultimate choice for everyone. If you compare it with all the types discussed above, then an ultrasonic electric essential oil diffuser holds a number of benefits with not much dis-advantages to worry about at all. They are cost effective at the initial purchase and also with the ongoing cost.

It requires very little essential oil to operate and this technological equipment easy to clean/ maintain as well. The major disadvantage is that some of the larger models of the equipment don’t come with whisper technology. But, they are still preferred as more than 90 percent of the things are just perfect about such products.

Hope this piece of advice would help you know the best option that is there for you to try. Have a good day and may you find the all the blessed moments in your life through these enchanting fragrances.

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