Immersion Therapy with Therapeutic Bath

Hand and Foot Baths are a pleasant and relaxing way to apply Aromatherapy combined with Reflexology, a form of massage. Actually, the feet are so covered with pressure points, that you don’t have to even be trained in Reflexology, just massage the feet, you cannot miss.

Besides easing your tired feet, you can treat arthritis, rheumatism, fungal infections, and through the pressure points, the whole body becomes accessible. Bathing in essential oils coat the entire body as well as permeate the moisture laden air, creating a complete therapeutic environment.

Depending upon the oil, 5 to 15 drops can be added to the bath to treat such conditions as insomnia, nervous tension, muscular pains, poor circulation, PMS, colds & flu, headaches, and edema to name a few. Compresses are very effective in treating skin conditions, muscular sprains, bruises, as well as your internal organs, by applying essential oils to a localized area of the body.

Add up to 10 drops to a cotton gauze or bandage soaked in hot water or vegetable ointment. A hot towel can be placed over the compress to keep it warm. Compresses should be applied over the area to be treated. If the kidneys, apply over the lower back; if the heart, apply to the chest, if the intestines, apply to the abdomen, and so on.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is a most effective method of applying Aromatherapy. Essential Oils are diluted with vegetable oils and then rubbed into the body through various massage techniques.

Depending upon the essence, 9 to 18 drops are added to one ounce of vegetable oil, which can be avocado, hazelnut, wheat germ, calendula, grape seed, olive, sweet almond, or sunflower seed oils.

Only small quantities should be made up at a time, as vegetable oils combined with the essences, tend to oxidize and turn rancid. Doctor Phyto provides a mix of the above oils without essences, in a one ounce dropper bottle, for your convenience.



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Just decide which essences and quantities you wish to blend, and add them by the drop to the one ounce vegetable oil dropper bottle. There is room on the bottle’s label to make note of which oils you added for future reference.

Shake well, then apply a small amount of the oil mixture to your hands with the convenient dropper pipette, and massage into the skin with whatever technique you desire.

You may wish to consult a massage or Aromatherapy book for ideas, however, your body (or your partner’s or patient’s body) generally knows what it needs or likes, and this can be ascertained if we listen carefully.

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Immersion Therapy

A therapeutic bath is an excellent medium for whole body rejuvenation. The skin, being the largest organ and riddled with capillaries and ducts, constitutes a major eliminative and absorptive system.

Engaging this system plus the olfactory and dermal neural senses with the healing modalities of Aromatherapy, Herbology, and Mineral Thallasotherapy (sea water therapy) in one medium, can bring about profound changes in both mind and body.

The process of immersing oneself in this synergistic union of essential oils, herbal extracts and electrolyte minerals found in sea water we have named “Immersion Therapy“: the process of becoming deeply engaged in a therapeutic liquid environment.”

Sofie’s formulations provide this healing medium through the blending of ancient mineral salt deposits with Dr. Phyto’s full spectrum herbal extracts, and pure steam distilled essential oils.

Sea Water Therapy / Thallosotherapy

Sea Water Therapy (also known as Thallasotherapy) is the use of mineral rich waters to nourish the skin and whole body. These Immersion Formulas re-create the natural balance of electrolyte minerals found in the sea, which of no coincidence, is surprisingly close in chemistry to blood plasma.

Our blood and circulatory system is responsible for delivering nutrients to our cells and removing waste products from them. Within each cell of our bodies is an electrolyte pump, which is constantly moving minerals across the cellular membrane.

This pump is also associated with the cells ability to absorb nutrients and expel waste products. By immersing our skin (a very large absorptive and eliminative system that is riddled with capillaries and ducts) in this electrolyte rich environment, you provide the opportunity for absorption of the electrolyte minerals as well as the phytonutrients contained in these formulas, plus detoxification of the cell and body as a whole.

Aromatherapy Herbal Mineral Bath Salts

1. Lavender Therapeutic Mineral Bath Salt

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It is designed to uplift the spirit and promote the recovery of many skin problems. Lavender has been prized for centuries for its cleansing and healing properties as well as its delightful scent. The word comes from the Latin meaning “to wash”.

2. Detoxify Your Body with this Therapeutic Bath Salt

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